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Lutron lighting automation

Glenforest Home Automation is a certified Lutron Radio RA2 installer. Lutron has been making lighting automation components since the 1960s. Their product has the best combination of reliability, functionality and compatibility with other systems. The Lutron App works with several different wifi thermostats and Sonos speaker systems for seamless programming of lighting scenes, temperature settings and music. And Lutron works with all the leading voice-control devices from Google, Amazon and Apple.

Nest thermostats, smoke/co detectors and cameras

Glenforest Home Automation is a certified Nest Pro installer. The Nest thermostat is a robust and stylish component that can save energy and money by learning how you live in your home and adjusting temperature accordingly. It is also fully programmable and manually adjustable. Nest smoke detectors not only sound an alarm in case of fire, they can also turn on your lights for a safe evacuation of your home, and turn off the furnace to keep the fire from spreading. Nest cameras have motion detectors and 2-way voice capability so you can not only see who's at the door, you can talk to them in real time as well.  

Sonos wireless speakers

Glenforest Home Automation is a certified Sonos dealer. Sonos speakers provide a huge sound improvement over standard voice-control speakers like the Google Assistant or Amazon Echo. They can stream music from dozens of different sources (including Spotify and iHeartRadio) to different rooms or fill your entire house with music. They can also be paired to act as stereo home theatre speakers.  

Door locks, flood and freeze detectors, garage door automation, swimming pool automation, and more.

Call or email about other automation products we can offer you. 

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