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  • Never come home to a dark house again. The system can tell when you're coming home and will turn on the outside lights and the lights in your foyer, front hall, coat closet, kitchen. Wherever you go first after coming home. It can even start your favourite music playlist or put on a stream of your favourite radio station or news program.
  • Just went to bed and realized the basement lights are still on? Turn them off with your smartphone or tablet on your nightstand. Want to turn on the bedside lamps in your guest room without stumbling around the bed? Control them wirelessly from your smart phone or a low-profile wall-mounted switch, with no additional wiring. 
  • Tired of not being heard from different parts of the house? The Google Home Mini works like an intercom so the "time for dinner" call to your family or "drinks on the patio" call to your guests will be heard anywhere in the house. And it's all hands-free, without having to run any additional wires.
  • Expecting an important delivery but can't be at home to accept it? A smart doorbell notifies you when the delivery arrives. It allows you to see and talk to the courier, open the door and lock it again afterwards. Even if you're at work, on vacation or out for the evening. It's also a great way to allow your cleaners access to the house without giving anyone a key or entry code.
  • Make a custom program for any occasion. Having guests, watching the game, reading by the fireplace, making dinner. Each of these occasions can be a "scene" in your system that sets your lights and music to your preference with a single click.  
  • Heard a noise outside late at night? Turn on all your outside lights with one click, from wherever you are in the house.
  • Going on vacation? The system automatically sets back the thermostat, and turns the lights on and off at different times to simulate a lived-in look. Did you forget to lock the door or close the fridge and windows? Check using your smartphone. 
  • More than just smoke alarms. Smart alarms don't just wake you in case of a fire. They turn on all your lights so your family can exit safely, and can turn off your furnace so the fire and smoke doesn't spread. Smart smoke and CO alarms also send periodic reports to your email address, telling you how they're working. 
  • Can't find the light in your laundry room with your hands full? Motion sensors automatically turn on the lights in your laundry room, storage room or garage and then turn them off again automatically after you leave. 
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